This Is Us.


This is me, Kirsten (kier-sten) Eggleston. I’m twenty-five, a native of Buffalo, NY, a dog mom and a person that asks too many questions. I listen to Kacey Musgraves, Elton John, Kings of Leon & John Mayer on repeat. I love wearing every shade of blue nail polish. I like to bing watch tv series but I really like to read thriller novels instead. Growing up, I was a dancer, so now I enjoy practicing yoga to try and gain back some of the flexibility I used to have. Milka chocolate bars are my weakness. I live an ordinary life except for the fact that I have to pack my bags every six months or so to tag along with my fiancé and his hockey career abroad. After encouragement from friends & family I started this blog for my own sake and my own memory. I’ve been lost on the road of “what I want to do for the rest of my life” and people always say to start with what you love. Well, ever since I can remember, traveling has always been my biggest passion and the greatest love in my life. Ever since the day I learned about the seven continents in third grade and made a clay map of Asia and a brochure about Australia, places I’d never been, I haven’t stopped wanting to explore. From going on family road trips in the United States when I was young, to my first trip abroad in Paris at the age of sixteen, to studying abroad in Italy for a semester in college, I have been obsessed with people and cultures from around the world. One day when I am sitting around with my grandchildren, I want to teach them how important traveling is and what it can do for ones soul. I want to retire with memories and live for the moments while I can. This world has so much to offer in its beauty that I cannot contain my excitement in deciding what to see next. Luckily for me, technology has completely renovated the average work life and I am lucky enough to continue my career by working from home and continuing to make traveling my number one priority. If I die tomorrow, I will be so happy that I took my time to see the world. I know a few things but I still got a lot to learn.


This is my fiancé, Christopher Rumble. We met in 2014 when I was twenty and he was weeks away from turning twenty-four like the number on the back of his Canisius hockey jersey. Oops, I met and fell in love with a hockey player. “GREAT,” my mom said. Chris changed my life in so many ways and the biggest gift he has given to me and all of those who he surrounds himself with, is the gift of loving life. In 2012 he was diagnosed with leukemia and spent six months at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Look at this amazing video he made during his time there that went viral and touched so many hearts. After he was released from the hospital, he was so determined to play hockey again, that he flew/moved all the way across the country from Seattle to Buffalo to attend the college that gave him a chance to continue his career – and boy am I glad he did. His determination led to so much success that he now plays hockey professionally. Because of him, we get to live the life we do, traveling the world together. While he started out playing in the U.S., with not much going on travel wise, he decided to take his career abroad. He is now playing in the DEL, the top-tier league in Germany and one of the best leagues in Europe. Life just got so much more fun! Ok Chris, I’m done tooting your horn.


This is my ~cute liiittle baby baby boy~ Shadow. Shads for short. He is a Labradoodle from Kentucky but he doesn’t look very doodley at all. Chris surprised me with Shadow for Christmas in 2015 and I had no idea how much this little man would change our lives. I couldn’t imagine a life without this guy by my side –  making me get off the couch to go for walks, sharing dinner plates, the best spoon cuddles and so many freakin’ baths because he always takes the muddy path. ANY site or form of water – in a hose, in a pool, an ocean or the dirty pond outside our apartment in Germany makes him go wild. He is so well behaved and growing grey hair already, that we think he is an old man in a three-year-old’s body. He won’t even play with dogs he’s never met before at the dog park. Like my grandpa likes to say, “I’m 84 years old, if I want to play, I’ll play.”




Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out