Christmas in the NRW

There is truly nothing like December in Germany. Everywhere you go, big or small, Christmas decorations and string lights are up and there is always a hut filled with mulled wine and bratwurst. This year we got to hit up some new markets and celebrated this month in our state of North Rhine-Westphalia! Cologne, Germany … More Christmas in the NRW

Rome, Italy

November 7-8, 2019  The last stop of the Italian tour.  We said goodbye to Florence and hopped on a train to the one and only Roma. I had briefly been to Rome during my time in Italy but it literally was for only a couple hours so I was excited to get the full Roman … More Rome, Italy

Back to Florence

November 5-6, 2019 I cannot tell you how many times I have dreamed about this day. So many times throughout the past five years, I have literally had dreams where I am roaming around this city again and getting to show Chris all of the amazing things I had seen and done during my time … More Back to Florence

Venice, Italy

November Break 2019: The Rumbles FINALLY go to Italy together As everyone knows, back in 2014 I left Chris behind to go study abroad in Florence, Italy. Although we have been living in Europe for three years now, we never made a trip for me to go back and to show Chris my favorite country … More Venice, Italy

Iserlohn, Germany

Iserlohn /ease-air-loan/ Although it has been over two months of us being away, I realized I never ‘officially’ announced to my family that we were headed back to Germany for this new hockey season. Back in April, Chris got a call from his agent that another team in the league he was playing in before, … More Iserlohn, Germany

Volksfest Stuttgart

There is no better way for team bonding to occur than by going to Oktoberfest together 😆 So, the Roosters and their wives/girlfriends took a bus down to Stuttgart to have a night of fun and to celebrate the German culture. Luckily, their culture consists of having fun while drinking good beer. It was a … More Volksfest Stuttgart