Soccer Game in Bremen

Bremen, Germany is the biggest city closest to Bremerhaven so we find ourselves going here multiple times a month for the events, shopping, restaurants and scenery. Bremen is also home of the Werder – a soccer team in the Bundesliga, Germanys top-tier soccer league. Currently standing in fourth place, Werder Bremen is hot with their … More Soccer Game in Bremen

My Ancestry

This is mostly a for-my-records blog post, but it kind of ties in to why I do what I do. Last month I sent in my saliva to have my ancestry DNA examined by I actually was surprised with my results! Well I should say I’m only surprised at half of the results. Everyone … More My Ancestry


I am dedicating this post to the love of my life, Shadow. The fall of 2015 was a crappy one. I was finishing my last semester of school at Canisius but Chris was playing his first year of pro hockey in Evansville, Indiana. I made the trip to Evansville twice during that semester because long … More Shadow